Feb 15, 2016


This year, for Valentine's Day, and as part ou our school project (Arts and Emotions), we've been analyzing different types of love. We're also discovering how it's represented in Literature, Painting, Sculpture, Music...

As part of this "love study", fifth and sixth graders have recorded themselves expressing their love to someone (a relative, a friend, ...). Here's the first part of our "love video booth" if you'd like to watch it.

As part of a bigger project, 4th graders have discovered how Keith Haring represented different types of love in his paintings. Here you are a little presentation which includes some of his "love" paintings.

After discovering them, they had to represent some of the paintings with their bodies, in order to make their own creations after. There are some pictures below  if you'd like to see.

 Hope everybody's had a great Valentine's Day!

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