Jan 11, 2016


As every year, at our school we deseigned a calendar for our families. This year, the theme was Art and Emotions, so we used this as an inspiration.
We discovered different artists and adapted their work for our calendars.

Sixth graders, graffiti experts, discoverer Thierry Noir, the first artist who painted the Berlin Wall. They chose some of Noir's creations for their calendars, some examples below:

To discover more about this artist, go to our Art blog clicking HERE

  Fifth graders, who are working on art and emotions in the circus, chose some circus-related artists pieces of art as an inspiration. They discovered Picasso's arlequin, Chagall's and Botero's circus paintings. They each chose what they preferred and below you can see some examples of their wonderful creations!

Third graders in group A, who are working on Music and Emotions, made their own version of The tree of life, by Gustave Klimt. They made "The tree of music", some examples in the little collage below.

And third graders in group B, as experts in Miró, made their own Miró paintings.

 If you want to see more photos of us working on our calendars ans some other creations, just click HERE.

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