Apr 17, 2015


In our Art lessons, 5th graders had to make a robot. They could only use boxes, reuse different kinds of paper, markers, crayons, glue and some othe recycled objects (bottle caps, jar lids, ...)

To complement this Art task, they had to give their robot a personality, the only thing they knew beforehand (even before designing their robot) was the nationality of their robot (which was given to them), so they had to find out the language spoken in that country and they could also use that information to talk about their robots'likes and dislikes. After designing their robot, they had to write a description of their creature. The first step, as always, was using this Thinking Map (in it, they write ideas, they don't need to write sentences) to organize their ideas and information:

After this, we checked their information  (spelling, accuracy...) and they wrote their little description using the proper expressions to develop the ideas from their thinking map.
After this, they had to prepare themselves to present it to the rest of thegroup.
While they presented their creatures, the rest of the class and me, wrote down their assessment following the rubric we use for our oral expression tasks (this is the best way I've found to keep them listening to their partners, since they have to assess them, they are all paying attention; and they do quite a good job, they're fair and able to notice htheir classmates strengths and weaknesses)

Here you are some of the videos if you'd like to see:

A robot from Morocco:

A robot from Germany:

A robot from Italy:

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