Apr 30, 2015


Third graders have been working on food, learning food vocabulary and making their own recipes. They made a menu and opened a little restaurant! They've had their first costumers and here you can see how it went....

Apr 23, 2015


Hi kids! As you know, today, 23rd April, it's International Books Day. To celebrate, let's sing this "booky" version of Meghan Trainor's son "All about that bass", because today it's "ALL ABOUT THOSE BOOKS"

And here you are a video made by a group of High School students.

Apr 21, 2015



Today I bring you a couple of games we've been playing in the classroom lately and with which we had lots of fun. I'm leaving teh documents I created to play them if you'd like to see or use them.

Fourth graders are learning how to go doing groceries, so we've been working on food vocabulary and money. We've learned the differences about euros, pounds and dollars (we observed real notes and coins). Since we have an American assistant with us once a week, we decided to play the game using dollars. Working with money required learning how to express decimal numbers in English. After learning it, we practised it by playing THE PRICE IS RIGHT, a game based on the popular TV contest. // En 4º estamos aprendiendo a ir a comprar en inglés, por lo que hemos estado trabajando en el vocabulario de la comida y el dinero. Aprendimos las diferencias entre euros, dólares y libras. Como una vez a la semana tenemos con nosotros una auxiliar de conversación de EEUU, decidimos jugar usando dólares. Trabajar con dinero requirió aprender a expresar números decimales en inglés, los cuales practicamos después jugando a "EL PRECIO JUSTO", un juego basado en el famoso concurso televisivo.

To play, we used the following presentation and our mini home-made white boards (piece of paper in a punched pocket + whiteboard markers) .We split into teams, and we were ready for fun! // Para jugar usamos nuestras mini pizarras blancas caseras (hoja dentro de funda plástica+rotulador de pizarra blanca) y nos dividimos en equipos.

We had lots of fun trying to guess food prices (you could tell they don't go shopping often...) // Lo pasamos genial intentando adivinar los precios de la comida (se nota que no van mucho de compras...)

The game 5th graders have been enjoying is BATTLESHIP. We played a grammar battleship using the worksheet you can find below. We used the game to practise "there is" "there are", animals vocabulary and place prepositions, but it can be adapted to any other topyc and I saw the kids were engaged, using English and working on the expressions by using them.// El juego que los niños de 5º han estado disfrutando es el de "HUNDIR LA FLOTA". Jugamos un hundir la flota de gramática empleando la ficha que aparece a continuación. A través del juego practicamos "there is/are", vocabulario de animales y preposiciones. Los niños estuvieron muy involucrados, usando el inglés y practicando las estructuras dadas.

Apr 17, 2015


In our Art lessons, 5th graders had to make a robot. They could only use boxes, reuse different kinds of paper, markers, crayons, glue and some othe recycled objects (bottle caps, jar lids, ...)

To complement this Art task, they had to give their robot a personality, the only thing they knew beforehand (even before designing their robot) was the nationality of their robot (which was given to them), so they had to find out the language spoken in that country and they could also use that information to talk about their robots'likes and dislikes. After designing their robot, they had to write a description of their creature. The first step, as always, was using this Thinking Map (in it, they write ideas, they don't need to write sentences) to organize their ideas and information:

After this, we checked their information  (spelling, accuracy...) and they wrote their little description using the proper expressions to develop the ideas from their thinking map.
After this, they had to prepare themselves to present it to the rest of thegroup.
While they presented their creatures, the rest of the class and me, wrote down their assessment following the rubric we use for our oral expression tasks (this is the best way I've found to keep them listening to their partners, since they have to assess them, they are all paying attention; and they do quite a good job, they're fair and able to notice htheir classmates strengths and weaknesses)

Here you are some of the videos if you'd like to see:

A robot from Morocco:

A robot from Germany:

A robot from Italy:

Apr 12, 2015


Hi there! 4th graders are still travelling the world and discovering some new buildings on their way. Here you are some more videos. // ¡Hola a todos! Los niños de 4º continúan su viaje y por el camino, siguen descubriendo interesantes edificios y monumentos. Aquí os dejamos un par de vídeos más de sus descubrimientos.

From O Grove to Wisconsin with Sara:// Viajamos con Sara desde O Grove hasta Wisconsin:

From O Grove to Himaji, Japan with Enayr:// Viajamos con Enayr desde O Grove hasta Himaji, en Japón:

And, on this interactive world map you'll find all our videos as we go publishing them, just click on the stars! (you will also find the map on the right side of the blog)// Y en este mapa interactivo, pinchando en las estrellitas de colores, podrás ver todos los vídeos que vamos publicando. Encontraréis además el mapa en la barra derecha del blog.

And HERE is the glosary we've been making, which shows the written part of the activity, for which we investigated and wrote our own glosary entry.

Apr 10, 2015


We enjoyed some American Easter traditions this year at school. Here's a little compilation of our Easter fun actvities if you'd like to see ;) // Este año hicimos algunas actividades típicas de la época de Pascua en Estados Unidos. Aquí os dejamos un pequeño vídeo con un resumen.