Feb 26, 2015


Last month, in 2nd grade,  we worked on toys vocabulary, we described their size, colour, shape... As a final task, 2nd graders had to bring in their toys to school and we did our first "Show and tell" activity. As experts in their toys, they made a little presentation for everybody to see and listen to. Here you are a video with their pesentations if you'd like to see (because of some technical problems we could only video record some of them, of the rest we only have the audio). // El mes pasado estuvimos trabajando sobre los juguetes, describimos su color, forma tamaño... Como tarea final, los niños tuvieron que traer un juguete y presentárselo al resto de la clase. Fue nuestro primer "Show and tell". Como expertos en juguetes que son, hicieron una pequeña presentación para los compañeros (por problemas técnicos, solo pudimos grabar en vídeo algunas, del resto solo tenemos el audio)

Here you are 2nd gtrade A presentations:

And 2nd grade B presentations:

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