Jun 14, 2014


This year, once again, we participated in the contest "Nós tamén creamos", promoted by the Linguistic department of our region in collaboration with OQO (Galician Publishing House). The contest consists of making 5-minute stop motion films based on a story (chosen among 14 books) and using Galician language. Last year we participated  with 2nd grade students, but, this year, to continue the experience and give more students the opportunity to experience the process of making a film, we participated with students from 1st to 4th grade (6 to 10 years old). This meant lots of children involved, so we decided to make 2 different films. Different stories, different techniques and very different styles. Since any of us is a proffessional and kids ... are kids, there are lots of mistakes; but we sure did our best and had a great time while doing it. If you want to enjoy them too, here are the links (on the photos below)

"RANILDA" (the story of a frog who didn't like being a frog...)

"NON QUERO SER UN POLBO" ("I DON'T WANT TO BE AN OCTOPUS", the story of an octopus who doesn't feel useful being so, he'd rather be any other ocean animal)
For the explanation in Galician: HERE.

Last year's film and making off: HERE

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