May 30, 2014


Hi kids! June is here again. That means END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR too. This story is full of colours, fress fruit, and fun, which reminds me a lot of summertime. Apart from that it's a lovely story that I know my kids (and me, actually...) always enjoy a lot! So, here it goes! We are also working on food, reviewing numbers and days of the week, so this is the perfect story! Here you are a compilation of materials on our favourite book "The very hungry caterpillar". Just press on the image below and enjoy!  / ¡Hola! Como estamos trabajando la comida, repasando los números, colores y días de la semana, aquí tenéis una recopilacioón de juegos y actividades sobre nuestro cuento favorito "The very hungry caterpillar". Pinchad en la imagen inferior y ¡a disfrutar!

And for us, teachers, loads of resources from one of my favourite inpiration sources: PINTEREST!!! Just click below!

And also, THE VIDEO:

And a video of the author, Eric Carle, reading the story!

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