May 30, 2014


Hi kids! June is here again. That means END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR too. This story is full of colours, fress fruit, and fun, which reminds me a lot of summertime. Apart from that it's a lovely story that I know my kids (and me, actually...) always enjoy a lot! So, here it goes! We are also working on food, reviewing numbers and days of the week, so this is the perfect story! Here you are a compilation of materials on our favourite book "The very hungry caterpillar". Just press on the image below and enjoy!  / ¡Hola! Como estamos trabajando la comida, repasando los números, colores y días de la semana, aquí tenéis una recopilacioón de juegos y actividades sobre nuestro cuento favorito "The very hungry caterpillar". Pinchad en la imagen inferior y ¡a disfrutar!

And for us, teachers, loads of resources from one of my favourite inpiration sources: PINTEREST!!! Just click below!

And also, THE VIDEO:

And a video of the author, Eric Carle, reading the story!

May 25, 2014


In second grade we've adapted the "2 little birds" song to our ocean animals. Here you can see the result. We hope you'll like it!

May 16, 2014


As part of our "8 months under the sea" school project, in third grade, we are working on The Beatles, because after discovering their "Yellow submarine", we became very interested in their music. We have also discovered their song "Octopus' garden", also very related to the sea! To learn the song we used the following worksheet you can download clicking on the image if you'd like to. // Dentro de nuestro proyecto de centro "8 meses de viaxe submariña", los niños de 3º están trabajando sobre The Beatles. Tras descubrir su canción "Yellow submarine", se interesaron mucho por el grupo, y a raíz de eso descubrimos su canción "Octopus' garden", ¡también muy relacionada con el mar! Para aprender la canción y trabajar su vocabulario empleamos la ficha que os dejamos a continuación por si a alguien le sirve.

And here's a video with the lyrics too :) It´s a karaoke, enjoy it!