Jan 29, 2014


Here you are our songs to celebrate Peace Day.
 3rd and 4th grade have been working on "All together now", by the Beatles. Here you are two different versions for you to practise. The children's version is, in my opinion, fantastic and very visual but, for some reason, my kids preferred the original one; so here you are both! (Listening, reading and writing activity clicking HERE)// Aquí tenéis las canciones que estamos aprendiendo con motivo del Día de la Paz. Los niños de 3º y 4º han aprendido "All together now". Aquí tenéis 2 versiones diferentes para practicar.

And in 5th and 6th grade, we've been learning "Imagine", by John Lennon. // Y en 5º y 6º, hemos estado trabajando "Imagine", de John Lennon.

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